One Act; 1 Hour

Open Pit
is seeking emerging playwrights for a new production: One Act; 1 Hour.

In One Act; 1 Hour, five playwrights from across Canada will gather online via Google Docs to write a one act play in 30 minutes. Each playwright is allowed to ask the audience one question which will be used to form the story of the play. The result of their work will then be performed by three actors. One Act; 1 Hour will be shown during Nakai Theatre’s Homegrown Theatre Festival from May 8 - 13.

Open Pit is looking for emerging playwrights from across Canada that would be interested in the challenge of writing a collaborative play in only thirty minutes. Your commitment would include:

  • 30 minutes of writing one evening between May 8 - 13 (schedule to be determined).
  • Collaborating with four other playwrights to create a one act play.
  • Possible Skype interviews during this time.

If you are interested please contact Sam Bergmann-Good as soon as possible at:

Open Pit is a new performing arts organisation based in Whitehorse, Yukon. Our aim is to create new works of theatre using non-traditional methods. Last summer, Open Pit received funding from the Federal and Territorial governments to complete the first phase of development on a new play entitled Nowhere Near. More information can be found at Open Pit’s website:

Homegrown Theatre Festival is a fringe style festival held once every two years in Whitehorse, Yukon. It is organised by Nakai Theatre and provides an opportunity for professional and community theatre artists to exhibit new and developing works. More information on Homegrown can be found at Nakai’s website: