AGM! / Homegrown Theatre Festival

The Open Pit Performance League (official title) held its' first AGM last Thursday. It was an exciting step for our new theatre company. We have a great group of young, energetic directors and you can find out who they are on our Society Page. I think it's going to be a good year.

Open Pit has a show in Nakai Theatre's Homegrown Theatre Festival in Whitehorse. Homegrown is a fringe-like festival for local artists and I'm very happy to be a part of such a diverse display of performing arts.

One Act; 1 Hour

In One Act; 1 Hour 5 playwrights from all over Canada will get together online to collaboratively write a new play. Each night there will be a different group of writers and they will be collaborating in different ways. Some of the writers have chosen to write individual scenes and tie them altogether. Others, are writing line by line with each of them taking on a specific character. For each presentation they will be asking the audience 5 questions from which they will base their play. They only have 30 minutes for the actual writing to take place. Talk about an exercise in fast typing! After the play is completed, three intrepid local actors will take the brand new script and perform it. They only have 30 minutes for the performance, so it will be fast, furious and fun. This is a brand new experiment in collaboration. It combines aspects of improv and 24 hour writing competitions. I'm really looking forward to what ends up coming out of these writing nights.

All of this would be impossible without equipment. Open Pit is so happy to have the local Mac gurus at Meadia Solutions provide the equipment for One Act; 1 Hour. Everytime I go to Meadia Solutions I end up walking out with something. Today, it was a new iPhone case and a Zagg keyboard for my iPad. I'm typing on it right now and it is so much easier than tapping to the screen. If your in the market for a new Mac, or just have questions about one you own, Meadia Solutions is the place to go in Whitehorse. They are also very friendly. Check them out online at: or visit them at 20 Hanson st. Thank you Meadia Solutions for supporting the local art scene in Whitehorse.

One Act; 1 Hour

Wednesday, May 9 @ 7:0pm

Friday, May 11 @ 7:00pm

Saturday, May 12 @ 7:35pm

A new show everytime! For schedule information and to buy tickets visit: