3. What is the best idea you've ever had?

The third question in the Creative Autobiography series.

I think good ideas happen by accident. I was interviewing James Long of Theatre Replacement and I asked him this very question. James said that his best idea was in the creation of Clark and I, Somewhere in Connecticut (a show that people should look into). While rehearsing he came up with a physical gesture to accompany the names of the people in the story. When he was taken to court and was no longer allowed to say the names of the people (you really should check this show out) the gestures remained and became one of the most commented parts of the show. Good ideas are accidents.

My best idea would probably be the bike trip I took in the summer of 2008. I biked from San Francisco to Whitehorse all by myself with only a few bucks and a cheap beater bicycle. It was a good idea for the following:

1. I needed to do something big. I was stuck in Montreal and in my life. Education wasn't working out as I had expected and I wasn't creating anything.

2. I never questioned why. I didn't need to ask why I was doing this, I just did it.

3. It was out of character. I had never done anything like this before, it was so out of character for me that some of my friends honestly thought I would die.

It turned out to be a great idea in which I learned about myself, what I liked and didn't like. I also proved to myself that I could complete a project if I really set down to do so. The trip also resulted in a radio show that ran on CBC North over Thanksgiving (I think, it was some sort of holiday) and again on New Years Eve. I've put up the show below:

Bike Trip Special Part 1

Bike Trip Special Part 2

So, not only did my great idea teach me a lot about myself, but it also resulted in some creation. Great ideas are accidental movements forward.