Know your audience

This popped into my head while watching the leaders debate tonight. It may have been from the debate, but I think it had more to do with the high-school audience I performed for in a matinee this afternoon. I've been in the run of a show for the past few days and we have face three distinctly different audiences.

Or, it might have to do with the interview I did with James Long of Theatre Replacement in which I asked him what his audience was (his response was focused on music taste). I'll try and see if I can get that interview up.

At any rate it got me thinking about how I could define a specific group of people as my audience. I wrote down some things on a notepad I had nearby.

What am I missing?

I did some more research (googling) and came across a Toronto audience survey by Creative Trust that I had responded to and read earlier. It is quite deep, but has some interesting stats on avverage age and reasons for attendance.