I’m not sure how to say this.

River, Steam.jpg

There’s an overwhelming feeling of peace that is present here, in the Yukon. I’ve been in town for three weeks now, working hard, but I’m not stressed, I’m not consumed by worries. This is a magical place.

Working on this show has given me an insight into the community that exists here, and I’m grateful I get to interact with these people in such a unique manner. To learn lines, mannerisms and dialects of real people that may come to see the show is an incredible honour, and quite scary at the same time. What if I don’t represent them well enough? What if I change the meaning of their words with my tone?

Luckily for us, Geneviève (the playwright) is always watching and listening, making sure that we stay on track. In a sense, she’s the guardian of these words that have been gifted to us, and she is upholding her duty to ensure they are conveyed appropriately. As we work through this process, 6 days a week, 9 to 5, I’ve seen that I can trust her to make sure we are being truthful to the people that have lent us their voices.

This play is a huge undertaking, and I cannot wait to experience the payoff. Many theatre companies cannot take new works and build them with experienced, talented individuals -- and yet Open Pit Theatre has managed to do exactly this. I am excited to be working with these artists, with their bright and beautiful voices.

I want to share the experience of Brenda’s laughter enveloping JD’s intensity, Brooke’s soundscapes gliding underneath Roy’s silence.  Each of these people embody the idea of an artist, and I feel that I have been gifted with an environment to grow and explore in.

And the land!

I’ve enjoyed waking up every morning, walking downtown, watching the landscape. The river, steaming in the early morning. Clouds pouring over the mountains surrounding the city. Foxes darting behind bushes near the hospital. The stark contrast of landscape and industry. It’s the perfect setting --

Heck, someone should write a play about it.

- Caleb Gordon (Performer)