Open Pit Theatre @ Theatre in the Bush!

Ramshackle Theatre has invited Open Pit Theatre to create and perform a new piece as part of Theatre in the Bush for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.  CLICK HERE to purchase tickets! 

Set deep in Yukon’s boreal forest Theatre in the Bush takes the ritual and mad magic of a bush party and distills it into an interactive, multidisciplinary event. Against a backdrop of scrubby spruce, pine and willow, audiences are led through the woods to see original performances that artists cook up over the course of a week. Featuring a line up of the best and brightest Yukon creators and special guests from across the country, Theatre in the Bush offers playful, daring theatre,dance, underwear fights, spoken word, gourmet food, bonfires and music mixed with a healthy dose of folksy Yukon charm. Traditionally held on the fall equinox, our 2016 event will be presented under the midnight sun on June 11th and 12th.

Come and see our new work, and also a plethora of other amazing interactive performances set in the woods!  Some of the performers are local, and others are national artists who will be visiting the north as part of the festival.  Check out this line-up!

Local Performers and Installation Artists:
     Miche Genest
     Jordy Walker
     Geneviève Doyon
     Jessica Hickman
     Eric Epstein
     Tara Kolla Hale
     Barb Hinton
     Joclyn McDowell
     John Streicker
     Emily Woodruffe

National Artists:
     Cliff Cardinal
     Lucas Myers
     Conor Wylie

Musical Guests:
     Ryan McNally and Brigitte Desjardins