What's a workshop production?

Leave a Message (après le bip) will be presented on Thursday and Friday night. Jessica who is directing the show gets in Sunday night. I'm sure you can all do the math, but let me confirm that we've got 4 days to put this show on its feet for you guys. 

The purpose of this workshop production is for us creators to take the script off the page, to hear those words on stage and see the characters come to life. It's also an amazing opportunity to throw the fruit of numerous months of hard work to you, the audience and see how it lands. Does it bounce back? What does it trigger? Does it feel nice?

No set, no costumes and no time to rehearse the play enough to get comfortable. What we're inviting you to, is a raw theatre experience of witnessing a work in progress, before it's politely polished result. 

Thank you Nakai Theatre for giving us the opportunity to develop this new Yukon piece of theatre work.

We hope many of you join us in this exciting and crucial step of our play development!