Links For June 15, 2011

I've been posting daily links and videos over on our facebook page. They are all related to physical theatre which, in turn, is related to these awesome workshops we are doing with Nakai Theatre. I hope you enjoy the links:

 Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia - Primus Theatre

Primus Theatre was a well known physical theatre company in Canada. This is some brief information about them.

This is a video about Buto(h). I don't know much about Buto(h), but it is a highly physical style of movement which, to my mind, is not quite dance and not quite theatre, but a mixture of the two worlds.

This video is by a physical theatre company called PUSH. I just wanted to start sharing examples of other companies who are creating in non-traditional ways. I've never seen their show, but they are very inspiring.

 PUSH - Philosophy

PUSH also has a great breakdown of their physical theatre beliefs. This is a must read. Some of my favorite parts are:

"Why a certain tilt of the head is comic or another with a subtle change is tragic. Why the same seemingly impossible gymnastic stunt can be profound or a mere affectation. The dramatic tension expressed through a specific twist of the torso or the hang of a wrist is far more important than any contrived position of classical training."

"Profound moments take place in front of us everyday, yet we fail to notice them in the surrounding clutter of life. On the stage we have the opportunity to isolate the details of these moments. To re-present them in a new, profoundly economical way so that they reach out and shake off our comfortable preconceptions… leaving us sensitive again."

the final video is from a UK based company DV8. In this show, To Be Straight With You, they tackle homosexuality and how it is viewed around the world. I had the opportunity to see this show and I must say how stunning and moving it was. DV8 is a company worth investigating further.

Alright, I hope you enjoy the links and videos. I'll continue posting on our Facebook almost daily, so be sure to like us! I'll also do these weekly roundups for the facebook illiterate.

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