Half Half


I'm not two halves, I am whole. And I've grown tired of being divided. Not half blue, half red -- purple. I determine what I am, and if I celebrate that fact, or die on a hill defending it. And one day, I would hope that I no longer have to defend it, that it simply is.

We have our own little adventure crew: The trickster, the warrior, the dancer, the explorer, the storyteller, the woodsman, the wisewoman, the leader.


They are more than these labels, of course, but the fact remains that they are all individuals, all irreplaceable, different facets coming to light with each character they portray.

And they're good. Not just at acting, but good human beings. These are the types that you wish you got to be with your whole life, but instead only see when fate fashions the right moments. They are dreamwalkers, storyspinners, remembrancers.

Seadreamers, skimming along the surface of reality and sanity.

I mean, it all sounds so serious according to me; we're also a bunch of funbags that start laughing so hard that Jess has to dial us back so we can get some work done.

~ Caleb Gordon (Calgary, AB)

Busted Up : A Yukon Story 2018