Well, I'm back with these chuckle heads.    

To be honest we're only a few days in and my already high expectations for the fun we would have with this crew have been exceeded.   The returning and new members of the "Busted Up" crew really do make this experience feel more like a "Coming together".  My heart is full.  I grew up in the Northern parts of Saskatchewan and haven't actually been back many times since I moved, but the air and people here makes me feel like I'm home again.   

It's also very rewarding to come back to a project after a year away.   Over the past year there were plenty of times where an idea on how to approach a character popped into my head while out walking or taking a shower or on the bus and now there's a chance to bring those ideas into the space and make them reality.   This hasn't happened often for me in my professional work, so I can't wait to get this one on its feet with these amazing humans.  I mean, look at them.  How can you not love them?