First Day of School!


As I caught the bus up the hill headed towards the Yukon Art Centre for the first day of rehearsal I couldn't help but feel tingling anticipation takeover inside of me as if I were the new kid in town on the first day of school.

That anticipation rang like a bell in my brain. New team, new show, new adventure... no time for nerves. Before I knew it we were all laughing together, building the set together, playing together and discovering things together as if we had known each other for years.  Within just minutes of us all gathering together for the first time, that feeling of being the new kid melted away and I was left with a feeling of creation and kinship. 

I have to say the first step of any new journey is always the most exciting but I have an especially good feeling about this one: The people, the passion and this hidden frozen gem of a place! Can't wait for day two.

~ Justin Lapena (Surrey, BC)

Busted Up: A Yukon Story 2018