The jobs of these Animals

Full disclosure, I may be a bit drunk on life (and alchohol) when I start to write this.  An evening of fire, singing songs and laughing about the last month and a half of experiences will do that to you.

You know, sometimes you take a gig and you by the end of it you kind of feel like...

Thankfully, this hasn't been the case in the slightest.  It is always a pleasure when the people you work alongside have passion and are genuinely good humans.  We all know that the arts bring drama, and not always in the good on stage for everyone to enjoy way.  People as in any profession can be difficult at times, impossible at the worst times even, but in a 200 pounds of beautiful way, that wasn't the case here.  I'll miss these knuckleheads and the laughs we all enjoyed together.   

Everyone came here to work, everyone was easy about it and none of us animals failed to live up to the agreement that we made.  In the end a story of the Yukon that has the voices of 33 characters was formed and as we do our final show in Haines Junction it is without worry that I say I'm confident the performance will be one that will connect with each person in the audience in it's own way.  

We not only managed to chase down those sparks we individually were tasked to chase, but we kept our eye on that fire that they flew from.  


My time in the Yukon is one I'll always treasure.  This has been a gift to know these people and to experience what and why these characters in this show are saying what they are saying.  There is a real connection here with people to this place.  I feel it, I know it. 


P.S. Working with Gen and Jess? That ain't work. Eh, Barnes?