Powerful Yukon women in theatre...

5 days until rehearsals begin. 

I was sitting here staring at my never ending to do list when I started thinking about the powerful Yukon women on our team.  I noticed that one of my items on my list was to write the first project blog. Ok, here goes! 

FYI - In keeping with our mandate to have an open and transparent creation process, we will be having each of our performers write a blog about their experience during rehearsals and the shows.  So keep checking back in! 

Photo by: Emilie Lavoie

Photo by: Emilie Lavoie

First there is Geneviève Doyon.  Some of you may know her.  She spent the last 3 years crafting Busted Up: A Yukon Story, and now not only is she the playwright of the piece but also performing for the first time since her sweet baby Löic arrived. My thoughts go to Kim Colliers acceptance speech for the Siminovitch Prize, "To all women director / creators with children: bravo, be brave and break the mold–carry them in the hall, breast feed between the seats, go on tour together, whisper about process and actors and what worked and what didn’t. Include your kids in your life, let them learn from your passion."  She is the absolute best. 


Then there is Selene Vakharia, our incredible producer.  Selene has been working her ass off for over four months getting everything ready for the show.  I have never met ANYONE who can have literally 45 tabs open at the same time on her computer.  I feel anxiety even looking at her screen but it doesn't seem to faze her.  My favourite quote from Selene so far is, "I just wish that the internet could follow me around."  She is calm under pressure, always up for a laugh, and has been the force behind this production.  We are so lucky that she wanted to join the team. 

And then there is the fabulous Erin Corbett, our production manager.  Erin knows her shit.  I can't tell you the relief I felt when she said, "Just send me the contract and I will deal with it."  Sweet. Not only can she decipher a contract like no one else, but she also catches my mistakes, which is incredible because I NEVER MAKE MISTAKES. We also have a mutual love for spreadsheets, which I think really brings women together these days.  Nothing like settling in and combing through some formulas to get those endorphins pumping.  She is rad, and I feel super lucky that she is working on this show.  


New to the game is Rebecca Smith, our technical director.  Although quiet at first, Rebecca has surprised me on multiple occasions.  She seemed uncertain but when I saw that Tech Rider she made, I was like, "yessssssss."  And then that time I asked her to send a sound plot and she said, "I'm on the road travelling right now, I won't be able to do it until we get to a campsite later (I am super paraphrasing)" and then an hour later there was a sound plot in my inbox.  Incredible.  I hope she starts getting hired more as a TD because she is awesome. 

Starting last week (the last to join the team)(it's ok we won't hold it against you), is our stage manager Léa Roy.  I am super excited to have Lea on the team because she is a dancer/performer who is extremely organized and efficient. In my mind, the perfect combination for an incredible stage manager.  She will be able to tune into the performers and call the show in a way that I think brings out the best possible performance.  It's going to be awesome. 


A big shoutout to all the women theatre artists working their asses off out there.  I am super proud of our team, and can't wait to get these rehearsals rolling!!

- Jessica Hickman (Director)