January 2015: Verbatim Workshops with Joel Bernbaum


In January, 2015 Open Pit Theatre invited Joel Bernbaum, from Saskatoon SK, up to the Yukon to offer three public verbatim workshops. 

The workshops were in conjunction with a the development of a new verbatim play as part of the Yukon Verbatim Project.  

Participants of all abilities were introduced to verbatim, given tools to create a verbatim piece, and learned how to act verbatim.  

Here is a more detailed description of the workshops:


Participants joined us for an active morning of learning how to make verbatim art.   This workshops was open to everyone and no experience was required. By the end of the morning, participants had worked on their feet to explore the tools and secrets of verbatim creation.  



In this workshop, the participants learned how to make their own short verbatim theatre piece.  Building on exercises and tools learned in the INTRO TO VERBATIM workshop, participants recorded, edited, and shared their short pieces.  


This workshop focused on learning how to interpret, explore, and perform verbatim theatre text. Acting verbatim text presents new and interesting challenges for actors.  Participants had the opportunity to work with recently produced verbatim theatre monologues and scenes.  



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