October 2013: Vocal Workshops with Cindy Block

Poster Design: Maxime Deschesnes

Poster Design: Maxime Deschesnes

After attending Canada's National Voice Intensive, Open Pit was inspired to bring a guest vocal instructor to Whitehorse to offer a variety of vocal workshops.  Here is a description of the workshops that were offered:  

Voice Intensive Workshops 

Saturday October 19th – 20th and 26th 

 The voice intensive weekend was an active exploration of alignment, breath, and resonance to bring sensation, ease and confidence to the performer.  The practices encouraged attunement to the physical self and brought awareness to physical tensions, which may inhibit a free voice. 

A Movement & Voice Workshop

 Wednesday, October 23rd

This workshop was geared toward the dancer or mover who has little or no experience in bringing voice and movement together. We explored the role that breath plays in moving, sounding and speaking. We explored resonance and sound as a physical act. We explored the following of impulse and awareness of sensations as the basis of being vocally and physically Present on stage.

A Monologue Workshop  

Thursday, October 24th

The monologue is the performers conundrum; it is both a necessity in the business and, a fantastic way to practice our craft. In this workshop we will explore how to approach a piece of text and develop a precise yet liberated performance.  How do we get if ‘off the page and onto the stage”?  What questions do we ask?   What decisions do we make?  How do we make it active and present?   Together we’ll explore methods of connection to what we are saying and who we are speaking to and encourage your passion to be revealed.  

To read more about Cindy Block please read her bio HERE.  


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