October 2012: Victoria Play Development Workshop

From October 8th to October 14th Open Pit held a one week workshop of Nowhere Near in Victoria, BC.  Eleven physical theatre artists were hired and the company spent seven days working with the ensemble to both create new material and re-visit material from the first production in 2010.  The goal of the workshop was to focus on the physical aspects of the show and to then document the material for future grants. 

The workshop was held at Suddenly Dance Theatre.  On the last day, Open Pit rented the Intrepid Theatre and hired a local film company, Lighthead Productions, to film the generated material. Please see the video below.  Here is a list of partcipants:
  • Whitehorse, YT:  Sam Bergmann-Good, Genevieve Doyon
  • Vancouver, BC: Sarah Moore
  • Toronto, ON:  Shae Wojtus
  • Victoria, BC: Michael Shewchuk, Mily Mumford, Emma Zabloski, Connor Parnall, Ryan Levis, Camille Janicki, Alexa MacDougall, Andrew Barrett, Brandy Baybutt, Diana Nielsen, Jessica Hickman