A Message From Our Logo Designer

An open letter on logo redesign


Since the beginning of the project, the energy and enthusiasm from the Open Pit members has been phenomenal. The passion and dedication to the organization and the work they do provided great inspiration and drive to find something that better represented the art and community that is Open Pit. The way Open Pit fosters creative growth and collaboration is a key aspect of who they are and it was very important to show that where design was concerned. After our first meeting I was thankful to be able to work together on the redesign and it became a true showcase for what the Open Pit collective is really about.

With regard to the new logotype, I hope everyone enjoys the new direction, which is not intended to been cold or corporate but fresh and invigorating; a strong symbol of what Open Pit is for its audiences and community. I hope that it inspires people to join in and be involved with a circle of people who want to build brand new experiences both inside and outside of the theatre.

Working with Open Pit has been a great experience. I hope to see the Open Pit community grow and continue to create great things for audiences and participants in the Yukon and elsewhere. I am also glad to be a part of that community and share in the enjoyment that Open Pit brings to everyone.

William Workman