Come out of the woods

Two weeks to go. Whew! I can always tell when things are good because time moves a lot faster. When we began the Devised Yukon Project it felt like every day went so long. Now, we have more to do and there aren't enough hours in the day.

We held an Open Studio last Wednesday. People could come in and watch us work on some material that we were planning to use for our presentations on August 19th and 20th. I feel like it was pretty successful. Ten people showed up and seemed excited or at least engaged in what we were doing. As a collective I don't think we held any punches when it came to the work we were doing and I feel like we included the public in the process without being too invasive. It makes me want to do more of them even earlier in the process. I hope on the next project we can have one a week from the beginning.

I've been thinking about more stuff like that. Getting people in early and trying to start the conversation. We haven't quite solved the riddle of how to engage people in the process of creation. These web-posts are a good start and the open studios are a step in the right direction, but there has to be more. I'll be looking into more interactivity in our future work.

Speaking about the future, it is the time where Jessica and I start looking at next year and where we want to apply for funding. We've decided to try and do a few different projects next May - September. This means that you, the public, will be seeing a lot more of us and hopefully we of you.

Alright, now I must go and edit and memorise text. A tricky part of devised work is getting the words in time to learn them all. I will do my best.

Ja mata.