An idea that I had long ago has finally found it’s testing ground.  With the generous support of the group I have been able to start to see the practicalities of what in my mind looks like it will be/could be amazing. 

I am going to go ahead and give it away, but essentially the idea is getting actors to play living walls as they move and form a transformative maze with scenes budding out of wall placement and not necessarily plot. Plot would help, granted.  Getting actors to play walls sounds degrading in a way.  I did a show once where I had to play inanimate objects like trees and the like, and at first it felt degrading but eventually I grew into liking it because I realized the whole effect was something magical.  I hope that this same effect is felt, where ever this idea goes. 

I was very aware when I started “shaping” this scene of the collectives’ arms and their need to be raised for an extended time.  What has ultimately been beneficial is getting a chance to bud this idea and learning that indeed the effect is worth exploring more, and that in actually trying to practice this, and just seeing actors holding fabric above their heads dancing around, I have learned what the structural design of the walls needs to be to both give the actors (walls) the most efficient and effective mobility, creating a comfort for them, as well as give the fabric the shape it needs to maintain a wall-like appearance and give it the possibility of becoming something other than a wall using in a moment’s notice.

The Labyrinth as a mythical situation fascinates because it is a microcosm of what life really is; we reach points in our journey that we can only see or feel so far ahead of us and the minute options of which way to go. – “Do I go this way or that, where will that lead us?”  And we make a choice (or we don’t and we just stand still) based upon that analysis.  And then we go, often second guessing every step of the way, until finally someone says just trust your instincts or your gut, and the whole thing is blown wide open.