Just some updates

There has been a deluge of new and exciting posts on Open Pit this past week. So much so, that I don't wan't to pry your attention away from posts by our new contributers. I'm just going to highlight some recent additions to this website right here.


Nakai Theatre in association with Open Pit is hosting two workshops this summer. I've added a Workshops page with all the information. I'm hoping we can offer more workshops in the future, so it made sense to have a place with the information for them!


There has been some sneaky photo capturing going on while we work on the Devised Yukon Project. That's why we have a new gallery section where you can see awesome shots like this:


I've also added a couple tools to make finding a specific post easier. First, is the archive where all posts are listed in chronological order. Secondly, is the search page where you can easily find something based on its' title or its' content.

List of Authors

The final addition to the site is the list of authors on the right-side navigation. By clicking on a name, you can easily navigate to all the posts by a single author. So, if you only like what Jessica writes (and who doesn't) you can click on her name and not be distracted by my posts anymore.


Not a new addition, but I thought I would point out all of our awesome funding partners at the bottom of every page. We have been very lucky to receive funding from three (four if you include the workshops!) different granting bodies on two levels of government. Now, there is a formal way I'm supposed to thank them, but I don't have that in front of me so I'll just do my best:

Open Pit gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council For the Arts, the Yukon Arts Fund (department of Tourism and Culture), and Culture Quest for the Devised Yukon Project

We also want to acknowledge the Cultural Industries Training Fund for supporting our summer workshop opportunities.