Why we dropped the "Theatre"

You may have noticed that Open Pit Theatre has simply become Open Pit. Much like Apple Computer's transition to Apple Inc. we have shed a limiter in our title. This came about for two reasons; one being tactical, and the other being personal.

If we call ourselves Theatre it sort of sets a singular image in a person's head. People who don't have access to, or don't actively see a lot of theatre just have an idea of what theatre is. I find myself always explaning that Open Pit is working on theatre in non-traditional ways that contradict a lot of people's idea of theatre. By removing "Theatre" from our moniker, I think we remove that initial image which must be erased in someone's head before explaining what we do.

This also opens up an opportunity to do more than theatre. Jessica is a bona-fide dancer, so movement is not out of our vocabulary. I have worked on sound and radio which is another form of expression that could be used under the Open Pit banner.

The second more personal reason has more to do with following in the footsteps of our predeccesors. I think I read somewhere that when Daniel MacIvor was forming da da kamera he refused to have the word theatre or company anywhere near the title. Robert Lepage's Ex Machina also has no theatre, company, or productions associated with it. So, this is us trying to follow in the footsteps of some of the greats in Canadian theatre.

I hope this all sounds resonable and that you will forgive the lack of clarity in us removing the word "Theatre" from our title. If you are missing the word "Theatre" I suggest you look to other Yukon companies:

Nakai Theatre

Gwaandak Theatre

Ramshackle Theatre

Sour Brides Theatre

All are fantastic companies that happen to have the word "Theatre" in their name.