Call for Applicants: Deadline and Questions

Are you considering applying for the Devised Yukon Project?  If so, it is important to note that our deadline for applications is Wednesday, May 25th.   Please see the full Call for Applicants here.  

To apply you need to send us your resume and a letter answering the questions stated in the call.  Upon receiving your application we will then send you more detailed information about the group workshop and individual interview that will take place on Saturday, May 28th.  

We have received quite a few questions so I would like to address some of them now just in case you are wondering the same thing:

How do I know if I am I suitable for this project?
If you consider yourself a creative person then YES you are definitely suitable for this project.  We are encouraging absolutely everyone to apply and then attend the group workshop because only then will you really be able to see if this project is suitable for you.  It’s a free workshop!  Why not attend and see what this is all about?

I can’t make it to the group workshop/interview on May 28th, can I still apply?
YES. We are accepting video submissions. First you need to apply by sending your resume and letter, and then we will send you the video requirements.  The deadline to receive videos is Friday, May 27th!  That doesn’t leave you very much time to make a video, so send us your application right away and get started on that video.

I have already committed to another job this summer, should I apply?
We are going to be paying Equity rates for this project with the hope that the participants won’t need to have another job.  That being said, our schedule during the project is going to depend entirely on the chosen participants.  If you have a job but we think you would be fabulous in the project then we will work around your other commitments to a certain degree.  So yes, APPLY.


 What are we going to do each day?  How is the project structured?

This project is all about experimentation and using one another to try out new ideas. Right now Sam and I are in a leadership role but once the participants are selected this will be a collective, not a hierarchy.  We want important decisions to be made together. The structure of each day will depend on what we, as a group, want to accomplish.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to just show up and see what happens every day.  Clear goals and schedules will be created together and group deadlines will be established each week. 


If you have any other questions just leave a comment and we will adress them. Please do not hesitate to contact either Sam Bergmann-Good at or Jessica Hickman at  If you would prefer to speak to someone on the phone you can call Jessica at 867.335.9245.